Who We Are


Darnishia Slade-Morris

From a very early age, I’ve had an intuitive eye for fashion, personal styling, and especially accessorizing. Heavily influenced by my mother and grandmother, who always ensured I was dressed “to the nines,” they instilled in me an appreciation for quality fabrics, tailored looks, coordination, and flair. As a native Detroiter, where fashion was also deeply embedded into the local culture and way of life, I also developed a keen awareness of how culture influences style and the latest trends. I also became very attuned to the global fashion scene in my travels to over 25 countries, seeing firsthand how others value and express style. One common thread woven throughout my travels and life is that when people look good, they feel good.

As a style consultant, I specialize in timeless looks combined with statement pieces that will turn heads and start conversations. My strength is in connecting with each client’s unique personality to create a look that will highlight their individual and cultural style expression.


Shavon Stanley

I am a firm believer that how you fashion your life is not just about clothes, but how you choose to live. You are an original masterpiece, and your style should radiate that from the inside out. I expertly pinpoint style that is an extension of your individuality, shift atmospheres, and speak a language that translates inspiration. 

A native Detroiter and a proud alumna of Clark Atlanta University, where I studied fashion and laid an expansive foundation in fashion show production, fashion styling, consulting, and merchandise management. My work as a financial strategist in North Carolina for a Fortune 100 company has pioneered discussions around: Women in Leadership; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Mental Well-Being in the Workplace; and Bringing your Whole Self to Work, gaining access to daily interface with leaders who desire to have their style represent their brand.

Additionally, I bring a distinctive style to Espresso Faith, a weekly platform on Facebook and That Girl Irene, creating a platform to broadcast, publish and encourage men and women around the world.

Strength • Industry • Structure • Persistence • Creativity • Recycling • Adaptation • Community • Uniqueness • Transformation • Resourcefulness

The Beetle

There are over 350,000 beetle species in diversity of shape, color, and size. Hardworking insects, some with the ability to lift 600 times their weight. Unassuming and easily overlooked, the beetle encompasses the foundation of environmental and cultural industry.

They are focused creatures who organize within their community to build impressive colonies and structures that have lasted for centuries. Environmentalists of the Earth, these natural purifiers love to recycle and simply move “ish” out of the way (ref. dung beetle).

Beetles master change, exhaustive transformation, and adaptation with the greater good in mind, They may seem unimportant, but once you explore what they do and how beneficial they are, you will start to appreciate their importance to the world.

We have chosen this distinctive creature to represent DarVon Consulting brand. Our uncommon approach to styling – from the inside out, parallels the intrinsic methods of the beetle species to lay a foundation of excellence, strength, lasting transformation, and enhancement for the individual as well as the greater community.

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